Thursday, July 23, 2009

Windsor Ontario at Ceasars

Well we didn't need any sun screen! Jack being the engineer that he is had the weather all mapped out so we left for Canada at 9am. Got all the gear packed onto he bike and started out. ten miles into the ride we had to stop and readjust the baggage. We were stopped at Lorain Park and this little old man came up to us admiring the bike. He said he has been riding for 30 years and it is getting too hard for him now. He has a "83" Harley. He was also checking me out which was a little creepy but he was cute with the strangest pair of sun glasses. Wish I had gotten a picture. We made good time and by Sandusky had to put the rain gear on. Jack looks like a clown in his rain pants! (see picture above)We got to the Hotel about 2pm and everyone was great. The bellboys, the front desk and the room has a fantastic view. We lost/won money in the Casino, had a great diner and on the way back to the room we got to share the elevator with Micheal Bolton and his bodyguard. Michael looked old and tired skinny with grey hair and a horse face. He was very self involved and didn't look at us.I think he was angry about something. The bodyguard had a cheap suit on and he was one of those heavy set Asians with long braided hair. I was pretty happy to find out that we were staying on a higher floor than he was, made me feel a little special. Anyway it is over cast and we are waiting the rain out to start our journey to Ingersoll Ontario. We are staying at a beautiful resort called Elm Hurst. We are taking the long way up rte 3 along the lake and then up from
St Thomas to the hotel. We over packed of course and are trying to figure out how to get our leather coats home so we have more room for Jack to buy Harley shirts! This time if we run into any crazy old men I am going to take their picture.

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jsweeney said...

Hey Sandy was just reading your blog. It must be a 50s thing as my sister-in-law and her husband just bought bikes! Bob and I are blown away we cannot believe the people we know buying bikes! But what the heck go for it. Great pictures and sounds like a fun trip. YOU GO GIRL.
Jackie & Bob Sweeney