Friday, July 30, 2010

Poker Face

I don't have a poker face. This has caused me some difficulty in my growing years. As a child I just didn't know that you could see my thoughts on my face. I thought my parents were somehow telepathic that they knew what I was thinking. It didn't occur to me until Junior High School that it was me and my facial expressions that were giving my thoughts away. I had this Principle who said "you know I can see what you are thinking, it is written all over your face".

Because of this flaw in my general personality, I decided that I would just be truthful. I really had no other choice. This has gotten me into trouble over the years. It has also been one of the core strengths in my business! My clients tell me all the time that they appreciate that I am honest. Well I don't really have a choice do I!

I have always studied top producers in my profession. I have been able to achieve the status of top 3% in sales in Ohio and have held on to that level for more than 20 years. For whatever reason I have not been able to get to that top 1% level.

Some of the people in the top 1% level have teams so they may not really be doing all that much more than I am. But there are a few agents that come to my mind that have created this powerful icon of themselves that people just call them to come list their homes!

I have studied these people and many of them are my friends in this business. They all have one thing that I do not have and that is a poker face! They can sit across a table from you and keep their personal thoughts masked behind their poker face. I am not saying they don't have some finesse that maybe I could use a little more of, but come on I do have people skills or I wouldn't be where I am today.

What kind of person do you really want to do business with? One that can't lie and manipulate you or one that can? Maybe having a poker face is what it takes to be a great salesman. I read the book The Worlds Greatest Salesman, it is a little book written by Og Mandino published in 1968. It is about working really hard with honesty. I loved the book so much I gave it out to all the agents I worked with that year. If being the top 1% means working with a poker face well, I'll just be happy at the top 3% for now!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Market is coming back!!!

I can feel it, the market is coming back! After the April 30 tax credit deadline the market just went to sleep for about six weeks. Showings and inquiries were way down.

There is nothing that drives me crazy like not having enough work to do! This past week have shown signs of activity. The MLS has had properties that are not bank owned actually go into pending some of which were in the luxury market. My listings are getting activity and some really good interest I am thrilled to report!

So if you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a great deal, stop sitting. The values are incredible out there. I am showing properties priced $50,000 less then the seller purchased them for. The rates are at the lowest they have ever been.

If you are a seller and need to do a short sale give me a call. I have been doing those before it was popular. I am an Independent Agency which means your privacy is protected with me. I won't charge hidden fees like some of my competition does.

The foundation of my business is based on Honesty, Integrity with Ethical business practices. No smoke and mirrors, no hiding behind a team, just old fashioned good customer service.
You can contact me at or 440-554-2260

Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Deals in Cleveland

The month of May has been one of the worst Months for home sales since 2001. The tax incentive seemed to bring buyers out until the end of April. What the public doesn't seem to understand is the current interest rate 4.5% is a far better deal then the tax incentive program. The slow month of May brought housing prices down again so now is really a great time to make a purchase! Not only are you getting rock bottom prices but the interest rate is lower than it has ever been in decades!

If you are considering a move in this market and you alread owna home sell it first if you can. Buying a home before you sell is very tricky. The only way I would recommend that you purchase first is if you have been relocated to a new area or there is some other motivating issue forcing the move.

I have seen some of the best Real Estate deals this past month and it is very enticing to want to jump in on one of these. The other day I was searching the MLS and there was a one bedroom condo in Rocky River for $19,000.00 can you believe that? It needs some work but this is like buying at 60% off! Call me if you want to take Advantageof the market.