Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ingersoll to Niagara on The Lake Day 3

Before we started out today I suggested a route from the map. You know the old fashioned way to travel. We agreed on a route and set out.We took the highway for half the route. Hamilton was the destination and then we were to get off and ride the road along the lake again This time it was Ontario Lake. Well we got off in Hamilton and sat in a parking lot playing with that damn GPS. I finally said put that damn thing away. We always do fine traveling without that damn thing it is just spoiling our time. I said lets just head South and East because that is the way we are supposed to go. Lets just head in that direction and see what happens like the old days before that damn GPS. Well it worked out just fine we came up to a Travel Center I went in found out where the Harley stores are and where we could have a nice lunch at a gourmet winery. We took the wine route from this point on, to hell with the lake! It was beautiful, lots of neat and quaint spots. We found the winery it was called The Kitchen House Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery. We went into this old brick house and were seated out on the patio.Now this is vacation. To hell with that damn GPS! I ordered a heavy oaked Chardonnay and it was just fabulous! Jack got a Martini but only one. He likes Labatt Blue Light and Canadian beer. Before we left Jack said this is great I can get all the Labatts I want in Canada. They are cutting it out of a lot of bars in Cleveland. Well even in Canada Jack can't get his Labatts!
Her ordered a pork tenderloin with sweet peas on top of a blue cheese crusted bread surrounded by roasted cherries grown right there on sight. He moaned with every bite. I am definitely educating his palate! I ordered Salmon on top of mashed potatoes in a bur blanc butter sauce with caramelized cauliflower. Wonderful! This is what vacation is all about! Then we set out for Niagara on The Lake we are to stay at Oban Inn & Spa. We have been so prepared for rain through this whole trip. After that exceptional lunch followed by cappuccino we let our guard down and we got drenched!
After the soaking we made it to the Inn and got right into our room. Everyone was very nice. This is an artsy crowd and the Harley look is a bit upsetting to them.Brings the rebel right out in me! Especially when Jacks shirt says "There are no Rules!

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