Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Real Estate info

There is a lot of real estate information out there. Recently I got a first hand look at how harmful this information can be in the wrong hands. I had a customer who was looking for a rental property. Instead of calling me to show her the properties that I was sending her she thought she would cut out the middle man -- "Me" and go direct to the properties that she was interested in. The thing about this is she wasn't paying me for my service! The seller pays the commission. This person knows that she isn't new to the business and her mother is a retired Realtor. Well anyway on a drive by for one of the properties she noticed a condo that might be perfect. She had the listing agent meet her at 7:30 am at the property. This guy is working for the seller. He told a great story and before you know it she was not only renting this property but buying it!! She went on the various websites the give estimates of value like Zillow, Trulia, Hometrends. She saw that the average sale price was $174k. The property that she was interested in was selling for $162,900. The agent told her that he just listed it in August. He failed to tell her that it was last August 2008. She negotiated a wonderful sale price of 158k having them professionally clean it and replace the carpet. Well she was so proud of herself she called me to brag about what a great deal she got for herself without my help. I am still baffled by this because my input would have cost her nothing!! As she was going on and on about it I kept thinking why is she calling me! What is the point here. As I listened to her I realized I knew the property. I can remember showing it twice over the last two years. I asked her if it was the one I thought it was and sure enough it was. This is a unique property in a development. Every other property built there is a townhouse style with 3 bedrooms and a lot more sq ft. There are only a few 2 bdrm ranch style units built here I think two. So when she went to the website she got an average number of 174k. The problem is the she bought the smallest unit in the development. That average number is going to be high. You can not replace a good appraiser and a good Realtor. We have information and experience that the novice home buyer does not! When it costs you nothing to use a professional for advice over a website why would an educated person do this? Ego ! I have to believe she just wanted to show me that she didn't need me. This is like talking to a friend that lets say sells cars. Getting all sorts of info about a certain car and the cost of that car and then going to the competitor and purchasing it. Then calling that friend to brag about it. I don't understand this behavior. It happens over and over again to me and my fellow Realtors. Maybe it is the lack a respect the general public has over this industry. All I know is she paid about 13k too much, will probably decide it is too small and now be stuck with another property that has a higher mortgage than you can sell it for without taking a loss.Before this decline the rule of thumb was you need to live there for 5 years to be able to get out even. That is in a good market. All I could say is it will be a good rental property. I'd love to hear your comments!

35130 Sullivan, North Ridgeville, OH | Powered by Postlets

35130 Sullivan, North Ridgeville, OH | Powered by Postlets

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aging Why do some people do it better than others?

Recently I have been noticing that some people just don't seem to be aging as fast as others. Now that I'm fifty this is something that I am paying a lot of attention to. The other day I went to a Real Estate mini convention. I have been in this business for 25 years now. So over time I have gotten to know a lot of Realtors. When I was at this mini convention I saw an agent that I have not seen is maybe 10 years. She looked better than when I saw her ten years before. I told her "you don't age"! She laughed at me. I asked her if there was something special that she was doing? Like being a vegetarian, or using a new face cream ect. She just laughed me off saying oh you know I drink and smoke all the time. Then she said no she doesn't smoke. I know smoking ages you and I know drinking is supposed to do the same. Could it be that simple? Just don't pollute your body? Now here's the really odd thing. The class that I took with Miss fountain of youth had a speaker. His name is Hal Becker. I have seen him 3 times over 25 years.He fought a really tough battle with stage four cancer. This guy is energy on steriods. Now usually when you fight a fight like that you look like you've been through a tough time. He looked great!! I sat there wondering what was it that Miss FY (fountain of Youth) and he had in common. They both had great looking skin, their hair wasn't thinning but vibrant! Miss FY had the body of a high school girl without looking sickly skinny. Hal was in great shape bubling with energy and fit as can be!I don't think it comes down to just good genes. The one photo at the top of this article is of a woman aging from 20-70 She is a doctor that believes in skin therapy and sells a product for that. I think it has something to do with diet and exercise. I'm going to bug Miss FY and find out if she works out and what her diet is like. I think I might bug Hal too. Does anybody have any ideas here?