Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trip around Lake Erie

Okay so I'm going to show you another side of myself. Yes at 50 I have joined the growing midlife crisis Harley crowd. Jack bought his motorcycle 2 years ago and we have been having a lot of fun riding around and going on short day trips. The great thing is he has this crazy thing for Harley shops. Where ever we go he has to go to the Harley shop and buy a T shirt. From the beginning he said anything I need to do with the Harley he will buy it for me! Good deal! So every time we go into a Harley store I get to go shopping. I have not taken advantage of this too badly. Got some great boots! Anyway we are planning this trip around Lake Erie. All this time of living here, I have never thought about driving around it. Of course he is traveling with the luxury queen so you know we won't be camping. I thought I would write about the trip as we go around the lake. We leave Wednesday and our first stop is Windsor Ontario. We are going to stay at the Caesars Casino resort. Sometimes when we check into a hotel all bikered up they don't react so well. Once a little girl refused to get on the elevator with us! We don't even have any tattoos!I guess the wind blown look is enough. So keep checking back I will keep you posted on this adventure! Right now I have to figure out how to pack 6 days worth of clothes in a saddle bag the size of a purse!

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