Sunday, July 26, 2009

Niagara on The Lake Day 4

With the damn GPS safely locked in the safe we planned our day the old fashioned way. The goal was to relax and rest today. After a very healthy breakfast of fruit, yogurt and pastry we set out for the Harley store. It was a really pretty ride to the store and interesting location. I lost my sunglasses so we had to buy a new pair. Then we found a winery with a restaurant and cooking school. Strewn Winery. We had lunch there. The setting wasn't as pretty as the last place and the wine wasn't as good. The food was excellent but Jack was busy through most of the lunch working out a repair on one of the rental properties back home.Thank God for friends you can count on that are in the trades. Major plumbing problem so we got in touch with Lou. He came right out and fixed everything so we could continue to enjoy our trip. Got back to the hotel and rested until it ws Spa time. Massages and steam room and a natural spring hot tub were delightful.That wonderful pedicure that cost me a fortune didn't last long. My boots ruined the paint on my big toes. Rested up and had a super diner here at the hotel. Walked around Niagara and finally found a bar with Labatts for Jack and Glenlivet scotch for me. I am kind of tired of the wine for now. Would like some Australian Shiraz or California Chardonnay. Last night we tried to have diner at Prince of Wales Hotel. It is a stuffy place with a high end attitude. I love a good chef so I'll put up with it.Jack and I dressed nice. I had on a dress, he had a dress shirt. Well the girl said it will be a few minutes so we said we would wait at the bar. About 30 minutes go by and I watch her sit a dozen or so people. I asked Jack to see if she forgot us. When he approached her she did not recognize him or apologize for the mix up. She was down right unpleasant. He came back and told me what happened. So we decided our money wasn't good enough for them and got up to leave. We went up to this hostess to tell her why we were leaving and again she had no idea who Jack was. Now he is a really big guy. You don't forget him easily. This made Jack a little mad and of course he felt disappointed because I had looked forward to dining there. He asked to speak to the manager. He was the Sommilar (wine stewart). He tried to seat us right away but by this time we didn't want to dine there. There was another couple trying to eat there and the air head hostess told them it would be a few minutes and to take a seat in the lobby. I told them they should stand right there because she would forget about them and that the people who actually got a seat did the same. I have been getting emails from this Vintage hotel line for years. After this experience I won't be returning. The Hotel Oban Inn that we stayed at was wonderful. The rooms were small but lush. I have to say I think Canadians think a double bed is a Queen! The spa was great all the service providers were absolutely great! The rest of the guests weren't real sure about us with the Harley. Funny how people think! We are ready to get back on the road and head for Geneva. Rain is looming and I am sure it will be an adventure!

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