Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 5 end of trip

I can't believe we got all that stuff on the bike! We packed up and drove to Niagara on the Falls. We went to the old Casino. The guard at the parking garage let us park by his booth and we have locks for the cases. Jacks new favorite machine is the penny and nickel. You bet $1.50 to $3.00 each time. He really kept winning but only $20.00 at a time. Better than losing! We had lunch at Monticellos right behind the old Casino and it is one of those old restaurants that have weathered time. Frank Sinatra music playing good menu with a New Orleans accent. We were the only ones there. Dave the waiter was great. Jack got a roast beef Po Boy. I had a salad. I took a bite of Jacks sandwich and it was soo good! We went to the Harley store and I got a great sweat shirt. We probably stayed at The Falls a little too long . We got started for Geneva on The Lake at 3pm. We arrived around 6pm. I was exhausted! We had to unpack the bike. At a gas station stop Jack suggested we get out that damned GPS. I refused. He said do you know where the next Hotel is . I said no, we'll find it. Sure enough there were signs everywhere we drove right to it. If we had used that damn GPS thing we probably would have arrived at 8pm. I knew the minute we pulled up to the New Lodge at Geneva I had made a mistake. This is a family oriented place. Nothing wrong with that when you have family but when you are two 50 years olds coming off a bike and having stayed at the Lap of luxury in a Serene Tranquil setting like the Oban Inn, the last thing I want is a circus.This was a big atmosphere adjustment! We got checked in right away and our room had 5 kids and two adults across the hall and next to us. I hoped that they would be to worn out and go to sleep. It was fine until 3am. My room didn't have any shampoo. I was supposed to meet some of Jacks friends and here I am all haggard with no shampoo. I did my best. I was a little cranky at this point. The friend is Kates' best friend that is Jacks deceased wife. I really want her to like me. I was a little nervous. My sister Cheryl called and i told her about meeting Mary. she warned me not to drink too much wine. God knows I might say something wrong! Thanks for the encouragement! In my family I take after my mother who had a knack for saying just the wrong thing at the wrong time. My friends are used to it and sometimes even a little amuzed by it. We went down for diner and decided to sit at the bar. Grown up area! The bartender was great. The poor guy tried to take good care of us but the food service was not great. Jack got his burger about 10 minutes before I got my order. I tasted his burger ans spit it out! It tasted like sawdust. I'm like his taste test canary. This has happened before. He'll just add more ketchup and then wonder why he has stomach ache. Now he lets me taste it and sure enough not good. The manager said this was not the first complaint today and took it off the check. We split my pasta diner it was great. Jacks friends Mary and David came right when we finished diner. They have three kids. Two girls 8 and 2 and a little boy 3years old. They liked the bike. They were very nice and we had a good time. They told us of some of their friends that are dong the Lake Erie thing on real bikes! Back packing all their stuff.
Camping when they need too. Wow, and they are at their last leg of their trip too. They started out last Saturday and were in Toledo last night planning to be back in Euclid today or tomorrow. I thought I was doing great on the back of a motorcycle. This girl who just rode over 600 miles on a bicycle in 8 days get a trophy of some sorts. I think the guy should marry her right on the spot. I mean how many women are going to do that! Back to Geneva on the Lake Lodge. If you look at the pictures it kind of looks like a prison from the outside. Our room was clean and large. We had a view of the pool and the lake. It was funny to notice that the headboard was bolted to the wall. The room did not provide real glassware. It had Styrofoam cups for coffee with a machine and plastic glasses. We went from luxury to just okay accommodations. The bar had Labatts for Jack. He is not a big drinker he'll have one or two beers after riding all day. It is just nice when he gets to have what he likes. Now we have to figure out how to get all this stuff packed back on the bike again. It is only 50 miles home so this will be nothing.

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