Friday, February 3, 2012

Outlook for 2012, in my opinion.

Happy New Year! I really think we are starting to see a turn around in the real estate market. If you are on the fence about buying my recommendation is to buy now while prices are still low and the interest rates are at the lowest they have ever been!
The deals are still out there. You have to be patient and keep an eye on the market. I have been in many multiple offers in the past few months.
My biggest advice is don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Half the time I am showing a really great value and the buyer wants to get a even better deal and ends up losing out to a multiple offer. If you are working with me and I say this is a good deal BELIEVE ME!
If you are selling your home it is still brutal out there. You have to be the best condition on the market at the best price. If you are not willing to paint a little here and there or replace old dated carpet the market is going to make you pay anyway. The buyers won't pay top price for a house that needs work, even if it is a little work.
Recently I was just< on a listing appointment and the potential seller asked me if I could sell the home without having to put them through the displeasure of showing it. Boy do I understand where they were coming from! Showing your house is no fun. It is a neccesary evil. Just like going to the dentist, you don't want to go and get drilled but you have to for the long term benefit. Selling of the internet is more likely to happen in a resort market where people may actually buy houses off the internet without seeing it in person.
So here's to 2012. It looks like it is going to be a good one!

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