Thursday, December 29, 2011

Avon Lake Ohio is a very welcoming community

Recently this last September I moved to Avon Lake. I have spent most of my life in Lakewood Ohio. Lakewood will always have a special spot in my heart. I spent 6 years in Bay Village and found it to be centrally located for my work but I wasn't impressed with the city and its services considering what I was shelling out for it. I have to say I am impressed with Avon Lake. Within the first week of moving here I recieved a welcome letter from my city council person. He invited me to his next meeting to get acquainted. Of course I was too busy moving to go but I felt welcomed! Then I recieved a letter from the water and sewer department. This letter told me about their services and how proud they are about what they do. Just recently I recieved a letter from the library inviting me to stop by. I have never lived in a city that reached out to its new comers so nicely. Everything is so convenient with the state of the art shopping up by route 83 and Detroit. Hienens is so beautiful I had to call a few friends and tell them it is like shopping in Hollywood! ( I come from a grocery store background) I can get used to this! I live real close to Giant Eagle and they are definately keeping up with the pressure of Hienens. Their meat,produce,wine and bakery are great. The discounts on gas can't be beat! Back to the library, well all I can say is WOW! They have a wonderful space and a childrens center for hands on learning plus a special childrens library. The people were all very friendly. When I signed up for my new library card they welcomed me to the neighborhood! The city just built a brand new swimming pool with slides and all sorts of play yard contraptions. The school system ranks at the top. I can see why Avon Lake continues to grow. It really is a nice place to live. I can't wait until the Lear exit off I 90 is open. It will be really convenient. The Cleveland Clinic just opened a new facility off of Lear. With all this I can still buy farm grown vegtables off the farm stands just down the street!

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