Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taxes they keep climbing!!

I don't understand it but today I checked all my current listings to see if I needed to update the taxes for the new tax bill. Sure enough every listing I have had the taxes go up! Now how does that happen when we have had a drop of values in our area as much as 22% in the last 5 years!

How do our real estate taxes keep going up when our values are down? Simple question. My taxes went up $900.00 this year. I was told The Board of Revision had finally lowered my house value but still my taxes went up.

Bay Village passed a school levy. When I did the math I figured I would break even between the lower tax value and the new levy but somehow I have to write a check or pay a higher mortgage.

Add this to lower income and a crushing recession and you have just put people who may have been just holding on, over the edge. What really pushes my buttons is the people on Capital Hill keep getting more benefits, more income,and more opportunities while we cut out more and more things out of our lives. I'm not just talking about not being able to shop at Saks anymore either!

I haven't gone to a doctor in two years because the last time cost me $800.00 and I have health insurance! I went to get my eyes examined and get a new perscription for glasses and it cost me $300.00. I just joined Kaiser and to my relief I get to go and get check ups without extra cost!But the lingering question is how come my taxes keep going up and now my city services are about to go down!

Where is all the money going? Does anyone in the government know how to really keep books and watch the bottom line.

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