Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Bye Middle Class in America!

I have just had a really grounding experience. Recently I received a $25 gift card from a business that I do business with as a thank you. This business card was for (can I say the name) Saks Fifth Avenue.

It took me several weeks to get around to driving out to the East side of town to shop at the Premium shopping mall in Cleveland. It has been a really long time since I went to Beachwood. I have always loved to at least make it out there a few times a year in the past.

Since I have had a declining income since 2006 shopping at the higher end stores has been at the bottom of my list of choices. I was so surprised to see how busy this mall was. In the middle of a recession!

Well I went into Saks thinking well maybe I can find a nice sweater on sale and use my $25 dollars off and have something new and nice that maybe will give me a little lift.

Have you been shopping there lately!!! Everything was $300 to $500! When did this happen? I have a credit card there I used to shop there. I can't even afford a wallet! I will admit that there weren't a lot of people with bags of purchases!

Nothing has spoken to me in more valid terms than this. There are tons of people out there shopping here at these prices and I am not one of them! I know I have always been middle class. I know that once in a while I get to score a first class seat in a plane or be invited to a loge to view a game.
I am fine with this being not an everyday thing. I appreciate them more. But Hey! The divide has grown to such a big difference that I can't even imagine even flirting with the luxury lifestyle. You know pretending I'm one of them by shopping in one of those stores or staying a night in a fabulous hotel.

I don't know if this is all smoke and mirrors. But there are poeple making fortunes on the backs of the working class and no one is doing a damn thing about it.

I have read a lot about World War Two and the thing that absolutely blows my mind is while people were being taken from their homes and put in concentration camps other people were living just fine and in fact capitalizing on it. Turning a blind eye to their neighbors and friends because of one stupid reason (religion, status) or another.

What is different today? People are losing their homes left and right. If you don't have a good credit score and a job you can't get a job or a good one! You can't get help with your loan at least not the majority maybe 3% do.

Are we really thinking of electing Donald Trump to be President? OMG!!!I know my age group were teens in the seventies but come on have we all lost our minds? What happened to the America I knew that cared about its citzens no matter what their background. You know the melting pot!

What happened to the land of milk and honey and opportunity for eveyone!

Sorry about the rant! I guess I'll just shredd my Saks credit card and carry on!

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