Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Deals in Cleveland

The month of May has been one of the worst Months for home sales since 2001. The tax incentive seemed to bring buyers out until the end of April. What the public doesn't seem to understand is the current interest rate 4.5% is a far better deal then the tax incentive program. The slow month of May brought housing prices down again so now is really a great time to make a purchase! Not only are you getting rock bottom prices but the interest rate is lower than it has ever been in decades!

If you are considering a move in this market and you alread owna home sell it first if you can. Buying a home before you sell is very tricky. The only way I would recommend that you purchase first is if you have been relocated to a new area or there is some other motivating issue forcing the move.

I have seen some of the best Real Estate deals this past month and it is very enticing to want to jump in on one of these. The other day I was searching the MLS and there was a one bedroom condo in Rocky River for $19,000.00 can you believe that? It needs some work but this is like buying at 60% off! Call me if you want to take Advantageof the market.

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