Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 will it be better than 2010

As far as Real Estate goes I think that we may be seeing some hope for this coming year. I have been busier than the last few years in January. My colleagues in the Real Estate profession are all stating that they are seeing more interest this year. Of course they always talk big, but I do have some friends that actually tell it like it is and they concur with me.

For the most part I have people looking to make a good investment. I talked with my accountant about taking self directed 401k money and purchasing real estate with it. He wasn't real excited about it. Well I remember 20 years ago I was looking into a 1031 exchange program and no one was excited about that either. I pushed forward, I talked with the IRS to get the low down and set up a third party company to handle the exchanges and saved my clients tons of money!!

I am seeing incredible opportunities to make money. If you don't mind being a landlord this is the time to purchase investment property. One deal I just did will bring in 20 percent profit after taxes and insurance. If my client uses an equity loan to purchase this, he will get a interest write off on his taxes and be able to pay it back within 5 years! Then from there it is all profit. Do three of those and you can retire comfortably.

I own rental property, it is not easy to be a landlord. You have to be tough but have compassion. I always try to fix things right away. My tenants are my customers and I want to make them happy. Like any customer client relationship if they don't pay, you have to make a decision to work with them or severe the relationship.

I have had to evict people and it is not a feel good experience. I have also worked out payment programs with tenants who were going through a tough time and found them to be thankful and loyal tenants because of me being willing to work with them. It is a fine line here where if you are too nice you get taken advantage of. I am known for being quick to evict. If you are 5 days overdue you get a letter posted on your door. If you don't respond to that letter I go forward with the eviction. If you do respond and have a good reason I will work things out. This is what any other business relationship does. Too many people let this go on and on and that is how you lose money.

So if you think you have the stomach for owning property . . . This is the time to BUY!!! You know the saying buy low sell high!

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